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b. 20 effective ways to boost your restaurant sales
c. How can Foaps help you increase your restaurant sales?
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The restaurant business is competitive and one of the most popular businesses in India. You have to keep your sales elevated to stay alive in the race. There are some simple but effective tips to increase your restaurant sales. These easy tips will help you make a big difference.

20 effective ways to boost your restaurant sales

Check out these 20 ways if you’re looking to improve your restaurant sales. These methods will help you boost your trade with less money and effort. Your business will grow at a rapid rate if you adopt new strategies and techniques. Along with essential points, you will also learn how to attract customers with innovative approaches. 

1. Never compromise on the quality of the food

The quality of food has a direct impact on the success of your restaurant. Using high-quality ingredients will help you offer delicious food to the customer. In addition, word of mouth from your customers will make your brand popular and attract more customers. Therefore, raising the standard of your food will proportionally increase your sales. 

2. Give high priority to hygiene

People always prefer hygienic places to eat. So it’s very important to keep your restaurant neat and tidy. Hire dedicated employees to clean your restaurant and educate them about the importance of hygiene. Don’t forget to clean the tables, chairs, utensils, and floors regularly. A healthy environment offers an ideal place for people to eat along with their families. 

3. Create a website for your restaurant

Most of the restaurants don’t utilize their website well enough. Having an active website has many advantages. If someone recommends your restaurant to their friends or relatives, the first thing they do is search your restaurant online. So if you have a well-designed website, more customers can be attracted. You can also keep your customers aware of new offers, events, special menu, and so on using your website. Providing such ready information answers a lot of questions customers may have. 

4. Encourage upselling

Upselling is one of the easiest ways to improve your restaurant sales. Upselling is nothing but convincing customers to upgrade their current purchase or buy more items. Restaurant upselling is the most common strategy for restaurants to boost their profits. For that, you have to train your staff to convince customers to buy more items. You can also offer free samples to increase your sales. 

5. Have your restaurant on Google Business 

Always remember to have your restaurant on Google Business.  Getting featured on Google will increase your reach, merely because it will be easier for your customers to find you on the internet. Customers can also get your restaurant’s address and contact details from Google easily. Google Maps also helps customers to locate your restaurant quickly. 

 6. Run your restaurant online and offline

You must run your restaurant online and offline. That is, both online and offline marketing should be given due importance. Not everyone uses smartphones or the internet. You can attract some aged citizens by distributing flyers and pamphlets. Some people still follow hoardings and read newspapers and pamphlets to keep themselves aware of the new restaurants in town. So offline business is as important as an online business. You must keep a balance between them to boost your restaurant sales. 

7. Make use of restaurant management software

There are many restaurant management software available to ease your restaurant operations. Most of them help you in order management, inventory management, and marketing. You have to find the best restaurant management software that meets all your needs. Each software offers different solutions, and you have to be very careful before choosing the right one. A perfect restaurant software will simplify your operations while saving time and money. 

8. Organize events

Organizing events is one of the easiest ways to expand the reach of your restaurant. For example, you can organize comedy nights, karaoke nights, guest performances and host various exciting events that will compel your customers to visit your restaurant. Make sure you use the right techniques, and the event is reaching maximum people. Events like food festivals always bring an enormous crowd and can be made a part of your restaurant sales plan.

Your restaurant menu shouldn’t merely be a collection of dish names. The menu is the first thing a customer notices at the dining table. A well-designed, attractive menu will convince customers to try more food items. The best-selling items should come in first place on the menu. You can also rename popular dishes according to the regional accent to attract more people. 

10. Optimize pricing details

Optimizing pricing information is as important as optimizing the menu. The customer should not feel the food is too expensive or too cheap at first gaze. Instead, the menu should be designed in such a way that the customers should feel the pricing is decent. The menu should be a mix of expensive and cheap items so that the customer will try more dishes. 

11. Increase speed of service

Whether it’s online or offline, quick service always satisfies customers. Hire the best employees to provide fast and accurate service at the restaurant. You can also utilize restaurant management software to manage online orders and to offer quick service. Most of the restaurant software allows you to handle multiple orders easily. 

Importance of restaurant service

12. Utilize social media

Social media is a powerful tool to boost your restaurant. sales specially post-COVID. Ever since COVID, social media promotion has seen an all-time high. Most of the people are active on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, and so on. Therefore, it will be a great help if you create social media pages for your restaurant. You must update these pages regularly by uploading pictures and posts about upcoming events at your restaurant. You can also use these pages for notifying your customers regarding special combos, seasonal offers, and discounts. 

13. Provide offers and rewards

Providing offers and rewards on special occasions will impress your customers for sure. This technique is quite popular among restaurants, but it never fails to bring that extra crowd to your restaurant. It will increase your restaurant sales on special occasions like Christmas, New Year, and other regional festivals. 

14. Use different marketing techniques

Marketing for your restaurant business is as important as anything. You must have tried several marketing strategies, and some of them would have worked while some haven’t. With the passing of time, you cannot expect old marketing strategies to work. You have to use different innovative marketing techniques. For example, instead of emailing customers about new offers and events, try texting them. 

15. Offer the best dining ambiance

People will become your regular customers if you offer the best dining ambiance. Therefore, your atmosphere plays a vital role in growing your restaurant sales. You must keep your dining area, tables, chairs, and plates clean and hygienic. After cleanliness, you can arrange good music or live music at your restaurant. Also, you have to see that your dine-in area is spacious and the seating area is comfortable. You can also work around the lights of your restaurant. 

16. Analyze reports

Reports and data help you in making crucial business decisions. You can utilize the daily reports to know your business growth. A well-designed restaurant software will provide detailed reports regularly. You can store these data and access them whenever necessary. Reports help you understand which dish is the best-seller, which delivery partner is getting maximum orders, the peak time, and so on.

17. Email and SMS marketing

Use email and SMS to stay connected with your customers. You can notify customers regarding new events and offers in your restaurant by sending emails and SMS. Most of the restaurant software is designed to send emails and SMS automatically to the respective customers. Most people check their mailbox and SMS inbox regularly. So there is less chance of missing your email and SMS.

The impact of online food delivery partners in the restaurant industry is increasing daily. It’s always advised to have a partnership with as many delivery partners as possible. Restaurant management software like Foaps allows you to integrate and handle multiple delivery partners effortlessly. You must merge with popular food delivery partners like Zomato and Swiggy. It will surely increase your restaurant sales as well as reputation. 

19. Utilize customer reviews

Ask customers to review your food and restaurant before they leave. Most people tend to check reviews and ratings before ordering something from a restaurant. If your restaurant can get a high rating, most people are likely to prefer your food. Also, you get a chance to improve the working of your restaurant as per the customer reviews and feedback. So, it’s a no-brainer that reviews and ratings have a huge impact on the success of any restaurant these days!

20. Partner with local businesses

It’s essential to stay in touch with the local food community or other government associations that endorse your business to boost restaurant sales. These partnerships can help grow and promote your business by drawing the customers of another business. For example, if you’re into healthy, low-calorie food like salads and smoothies, you can reach out to gyms and health clubs for partnerships. 

How can Foaps help you increase your restaurant sales?

Foaps is a specially designed application to ease your restaurant’s online food order and delivery. Its unique features will help you simplify your workload and improve productivity. In addition, it flaunts a user-friendly interface that anyone can access easily. 

How can Foaps help improve restaurant sales
  • Foaps can integrate with multiple delivery partners easily. It allows you to increase your sales and revenue. 
  • Foaps allows you to manage multiple online orders easily using a single window. It helps you save time to focus on major business aspects. 
  • You can use your existing billing software along with Foaps. It enables you to save time and money without getting a new billing system. 
  • The order management system helps you sort online orders and offer quick service. Eventually customers will be satisfied and sales will improve. 
  • Foaps includes unified menu distribution and management that helps you edit menu and pricing information easily. It saves you a lot of time and effort. 
  • The in-depth reports section gives you real-time analytical and category-wise reports. You can utilize them to make important business decisions in the future. The visual chart helps you to understand the business better and how to improve productivity. 
  • Foaps is a highly scalable and easy-to-use application. You can upgrade the app according to your business needs. 


The restaurant business is a highly competitive business in India. You have to use different strategies and techniques to keep your business healthy. You must carefully understand these 20 points and execute them perfectly to increase your restaurant sales. These effective ways will surely help you boost your revenue. Also remember to choose the right restaurant management software for your business, thanks to technological advancement. It will simplify your restaurant operations and help you save time and money. 

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