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Thank you so much for visiting us! We are really excited to introduce foaps to you. It is your personal menu assistant at your favourite restaurants. At the same time, it is an on-premises service optimization tool for Restaurants.

How Foaps Benefit You

Say no to long queues at your favourite restaurants. Install foaps on your smartphone and access any of your favourite restaurant's menu. Place your order after having better understanding of each items that you would love to eat.

Foaps recommendations and personalization helps you to make quick decisions based on your order history and preferences.

How Foaps Benefit Restaurant

Foaps helps restaurant owners/managers to use a single dashboard to create and manage their menu in order to sell their items in store or on various online food delivering platforms without any hassle. At the same time they get access to the real business insights.

Launching Soon

Foaps is currently on beta, We would love to keep you informed once it is made live on the App Store and Google Play. Please register with us in order to keep you updated.

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