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Was it the ‘Eureka’ moment? We don’t know. But it was definitely the moment when our founders, Mohammed Migdad and Abdul Salah realized that they are going to help restaurants safeguard their business against the challenges thrown at them by the unprecedented pandemic. And thus, Foaps was formed.

When did the idea strike?

From being at a standstill phase, the world had slowly started hustling even amidst uncertainty. Restaurants and other food joints also followed suit. The dine-in option was next to impossible then and online ordering was the only option. A huge surge in online orders was experienced. Though that was a relief for the restaurant owners, managing the influx of online orders was turning into a struggle. The restaurant owners had to juggle multiple dashboards corresponding to various delivery partners. Consequently, orders were missed out, delays were encountered and a lot such problems ensued. This posed big risks to their business.

Times were tough, and it demanded an effort from every person to turn things back to normal, which also meant helping one another. Seeing the struggle of their restaurateur friends, Migdad and Abdul sat down to find a solution. After a few brainstorming sessions,
the duo conceived Foaps, a sleek order management system. Owners could forget about the pressure of handling the mounting orders. Since then, we’ve made restaurant management a cakewalk for owners, and in a short span of time over 740,000 orders have been processed by Foaps.

In our co-founder, Abdul’s words, ” Foaps has helped resolve the clutter by enabling restaurants to accept orders and manage items from a single point, instead of opening multiple dashboards.”

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What do we envision through Foaps?

We aim to empower all sorts of food joints irrespective of their size. With Foaps, restaurants and food joints should be able to maximize profit by fulfilling every order in the best possible manner, eliminating delays, and cutting down unnecessary expenses related to order management. In the next few years, we expect the food industry in India to grow exponentially, and we strive to help every eatery, be it big or small, to contribute generously to the graph of growth.

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