Update menu and pricing effortlessly across all food delivery platforms

Let your customers be up-to-speed with the menu and pricing changes of your restaurant. Thereby, avoid confusion, reduce order canceling and build a better relationship with your customers.

Unified menu distribution and management

Update your menu and manage them effectively on a single platform. All you have to do is modify your menu on the dashboard of Foaps and get it updated across all the food order delivery platforms.

Update Menu Availability

Update the availability of the items on your menu. Affirm the availability or non-availability of items across all food delivery channels by simply updating on Foaps via a single click.

Revise pricing

Revise and modify the pricing on the dashboard of Foaps and get the same updated automatically across all food order delivery platforms you have partnered with.

Deliver customers what’s promised on the menu

Try it risk free — Full access. No credit card required.