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Integrate and coordinate effortlessly with multiple food delivery apps with the help of a single platform. Source orders from any number of partners and generate more revenue.

Now you can update item availability across all delivery platforms without fail by updating in Foaps alone.

Make crucial decisions based on the insightful and reliable analytical report prepared by Foaps after careful analysis of your order-related activities.

Track and manage multiple orders from different delivery partners via a single space. Increase the efficiency of order management by eliminating errors and avoiding losses.

With Foaps, you can sort online orders efficiently, avoid potential errors, complete the order quickly and help the delivery partners hand over the food to customers on time, thus improving customer satisfaction.

Use Foaps without having to change your existing billing software. Save time and cost of adopting a new billing system by integrating the present software with Foaps.

Get a comprehensive view of order status and manage food orders quickly by eliminating every possible error. Save time and focus on other major business aspects to increase profits.

Leverage the interface of Foaps which is extremely user-friendly. Get your work done with a few clicks. Thereby, eliminate the need to hire a dedicated employee to manage online orders.

Adapt and scale Foaps as per the movement of orders and the requirements of your restaurant or cafe.

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