Ensure flawless order management with Foaps

Order management is less sophisticated, yet way effective with Foaps. Manage every order efficiently irrespective of the number of incoming orders and the delivery partners involved.

Centralized Order Management System

Utilize a centralized order management system to be up-to-speed with each online food order. Get a comprehensive view of multiple orders via different delivery partners and manage them efficiently

Order Status Tracking

Monitor the progress and status of your online food order. Keep track of the number of incoming orders, the completed orders, the delivery status, and other important status information of your order via Foaps.


Update the completion of each phase on Foaps with the action feature. From picked-up orders to the completed ones, you can update each action on the dashboard with a single click.

All-inclusive dashboard

Make the most of Foaps’s orderly consolidated dashboard to manage, track and analyze online food orders from a single point of action.

Increase your revenue with a responsive order management system

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