Restaurant Online Order Management System to manage like a pro

Handling online orders from all delivery partners has never been this easy.

With Foaps you can manage all your orders in a single dashboard. 

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A single point restaurant order management system

Still switching between dashboards to manage different platforms? Say goodbye to that hassle with Foaps, which offers a single dashboard for the food order management system. Be it Zomato, Swiggy, Dunzo or other food aggregators,  Foaps offers a single, easy to use dashboard, to effectively handle orders from multiple delivery partners.

A single point restaurant order management system
Zero hassle for aggregator partnership

Zero hassle for aggregator partnership

Getting your restaurant listed on food aggregator sites is a game of codependency. Whenever a new food delivery business rises up in the market, your restaurant may have to individually approach them, which is a strenuous task. With an order management system such as Foaps’ order management system taking care of the partnership, your restaurant experiences seamless integration with food aggregators to get started and receive orders. 

Unified menu management

An oms order management system such as Foaps helps manage menus across all food aggregator platforms. Modify best selling items during rush hours, update availability of items, change menus across all platforms with one command, revise prices according to rush hours and so on. Menu modification is now made a breeze, with our restaurant order management system.

Data driven results

Data driven results

Foaps’ order management software generates real time analytical reports to analyse online food order delivery performance, revenue generation across platforms and rush hours. With visual charts that help analyse trends, sales, and profits better, the features of our order management system don’t just stop at the receiving, fulfilling and tracking orders, but go beyond to help boost your restaurant’s success. 

Foaps Vs Others: How are we different from our competition?

Foaps Others
Cost effective features which can be scaled on a requirement basis Most other platforms offer a set range of features and
fixed pricing with no option to choose customized plans based on features
Integrated dashboard for all food platforms with Foaps Some platforms require the restaurants to reach out and
partner with each food delivery aggregator separately
Payments to restaurants on a daily basis  Most other restaurant order management platforms
offer payment on a weekly basis to restaurants
A dedicated single platform for order acceptance, tracking, delivery, and menu management Other platforms offer order management system as a
part of its restaurant POS, and not as a separate dedicated dashboard for online ordering

No credit card required. 30-day free trial.

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Restaurant online order management system: A quick overview

In the digital era of multiple food delivery partners and consumers vouching for contactless delivery and online orders, make productive decisions for your restaurant business that lets you grab the advantage and move ahead. Restaurant order management systems make best use of saving manual resources by automating receiving orders, assigning, preparation and delivery to customers. The best part? All these features and more, are included in an easy to use, single dashboard.

What is a Restaurant order management system

A restaurant order management system is a set of tools or software that automates restaurant operations, and include different features that ensure smoother workflow for restaurants and excellent customer service. There are many parts to managing a restaurant offline, but online, restaurants can offer ordery delivery through their own websites or offer it through food aggregators. Having an order management software helps modify, track and moderate all the restaurant’s online orders in one place.

How does a Restaurant online order management system work

Rather than go for the manual process of writing down orders, conveying them to the chef, preparing and sending the delivery across, restaurant online order management systems automate the process. They work as an OMS order management system that partners with different food aggregators,and receives orders from different food delivery partners on a single platform. As soon as an order is received, the chefs are notified, leading to smoother order preparation and delivery.

Where is a Restaurant order management system used and by whom

A restaurant order management system is used by restaurants that go beyond in house dining and offer online orders. A restaurant can either offer online orders through their own website, or partner with food aggregators. Food order management systems such as Foaps help restaurants manage, track and analyse their online orders, leading to smoother workflow.

Benefits of using Food order management system

Using a restaurant order management system simplifies kitchen operations, reduces manual workload, manages online orders in a single dashboard and avoids the hassle of partnering with food delivery platforms separately. Menu management is independently managed, as restaurants can modify, add or revise prices according to inventory and rush hours.

Top features to look out for in a Restaurant order management software

A restaurant order management software must be able to automate your restaurant’s operations to maximize benefits and results. An easy to use dashboard, unified menu management across all platforms, analytics and reports, and seamless partnership with food delivery platforms are top features to look out for in an order management software.

Which is the best Restaurant order management platform you could go for?

Ultimately, the choice of a restaurant order management system depends on the features that your restaurant requires on a daily and frequent basis. Be it a restaurant that’s starting out or an existing one, having a food order management system that manages your orders effectively, reduces dependency on food aggregators, allows modifications to the menu, and gathers real-time analytics on performance is necessary.

If you happen to be looking for all these, then Foaps might just be the best restaurant order management platform to go for.

No credit card required. 30-day free trial.