9 Effective Tips On How To Increase Restaurant Sales

It’s the best time to be in the restaurant business. We have a whole new generation of foodies flocking in to order foods online. So if you have already made an online presence with your restaurant, you are probably good to go. Or are you? Merely registering with Swiggy or Zomato might not help you get back to back orders. If you are wondering how to increase restaurant sales quickly, then congratulations! You have found the right place. Let us look at some of the efficient tips on how to increase restaurant sales online.

effective tips to boost restaurant sales

1. Social Media Promotions

No points for guessing, social media promotions are indeed one of the most effective ways to increase the sale of your restaurants. Create a page on social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. Then religiously post about your bestsellers and latest offers. This will keep your customers updated on what is going on with your restaurant and they will also not miss out on the latest sale that is going on. If you’re still wondering how to increase restaurant sales in Swiggy, give this idea a try. 

2. Create a good website

You might already have a website in place. But that just won’t do when it comes to more sales. You will have to give your website a complete makeover and optimise the content. Make sure that you have the right set of tools to attract the perfect set of customers. Increase the loading speed and come up with a user-friendly interface. Add the latest menu and pictures of your best dishes. This will make sure that the visitors you get on your website turn into potential customers. This solves your query of how to increase restaurant business. 

3. Mini meals and combos

The way to your customer’s heart is indeed through their stomach. Nothing brightens up the day than a good deal on mini meals and food combos. Use your creativity and come up with mini meals which can be tested out during evenings when snacking and binging time is at its peak. Also, offering combos can be a good way to grab the attention of the customers. Make sure to price it in such a way that the customers feel it is worth their while. If you are still worried about how to increase restaurant delivery sales, then this might be your answer.

4. Set the pricing right

When it comes to online shopping, pricing is everything. If the customers feel that your restaurant is overpriced or the food is not worth their while, it might be a huge problem. So always make sure to put the right price tag for the products. Evaluate the pricing of other restaurants in your locality and get an overall idea of the price structure that is acceptable. Then strategise a price that works best for the kind of food you offer and the additional services, if any. 

5. Invest in a good online restaurant order management platform

If there is one point that you would like to take back with you from this article then that would be point number 5. An online order management system for restaurants helps business owners manage their restaurant orders, analyse their performance and take care of your menu. Investing in legit order management applications like that of Foaps.co will help you focus on key areas like order management, menu management and providing detailed reports. It will provide you a hassle-free experience when it comes to running a restaurant online. So make sure you get one for yourself.

6. Communication is key

No matter what technique you implement, it is important to maintain communication with your customers to get their direct feedback. Nothing beats the actual experience of talking to the customers and understanding what they want. The process can make the customers feel more valuable and heard. This can be reflected in more loyal customers and an increase in sales. Also, you might want to start some loyalty programs offering special points and offers to customers that keep coming back. 

7. Make the most of Google My Business

If you get featured on Google, then you are officially on the map.It will be much easier for the customers to find your restaurant and the latest updates will reach them at lightning speed. This is also where online reviews come to play. You can eno=couf=rage customers to put positive reviews on Google which can increase your credibility, and eventually your sales as well. If you are still working on how to increase food sales then this point is your answer.  

8. Themed events to set the right tone

Nowadays, more and more people have shown interest in visiting restaurants offering themed events. Not only does it break the monotony, it gives restaurant owners an opportunity to test out new menus and pricing. Although this is an offline event, if done right, it can increase your online sales as well. Your restaurant gets opened up to a wide range of potential customers if you do it the right way.

9. Never leave out offers and promotions

Kept the best for the last! One of the most irresistible factors when it comes to online food ordering is the offers and promotional sales that take place. The discounts are what brings more crowds to online food ordering websites anyways. Curate captivating offers and bring in promotional sales every once in a while to cause a spike in sales. If nothing else works try this. 


Online food ordering has become a part of our culture and lifestyle. If restaurant owners plan to make the most out of this, better give a thorough read to the 9 tips on how to increase restaurant sales. In the world of cut throat competition, make your restaurant stand out from the rest and attract more customers every passing day.