How to increase restaurant visibility on Zomato

Every restaurant owner who functions successfully in today’s restaurant industry knows how big of a role Zomato plays in the success of their restaurant. Be it increasing the visibility of their restaurant or gaining new customers, Zomato plays a crucial role. This is why it is also essential to maintain a good presence in Zomato. There are tons of restaurants present on Zomato that is fighting for the attention of the customers just like you do. So how can you stay ahead of the competition and make the most out of Zomato? Let us find out.

9 Super-Effective Ways to Increase Restaurant Visibility on Zomato

Merely listing your restaurant in Zomato won’t be enough to gain a strong customer base on the platform. For your restaurant business to do well, you have to make sure that you are visible enough to the target audience. You have to increase the visibility of your restaurant on Zomato. Below given are some of the tried and tested ways in which you can do the same:

1. Make the most out of advertisements

Let us start with the basics. Good old advertisements are the best way to grab the attention of your potential customers on Zomato. The application has in-app advertisements resent, so make sure to use this opportunity to showcase your bestsellers under the right category of searches. If a customer is searching for tacos on the menu and your advertisement showcasing tasty tacos shows up adjacent to the search, there is a really high chance that the customer will visit your restaurant’s page and order from you. So the placement of your advertisement is key. Be judicious of where, when, and how you place your advertisements to make the most of your money.

2. Reviews, reviews, reviews!

The reviews your restaurant receives on Zomato play a phenomenal role in increasing the visibility of your restaurant on the platform. The more positive ratings and reviews your dishes receive, the more the application will push your restaurant and the more people will visit your page. In order to make sure that you get good reviews, focus on creating a good customer experience and heed whatever feedback they have to offer. Make the delivery on time and focus on the packaging of the food. These small things add up to a great customer experience which eventually ends up as a positive rating on the Zomato website.

3. Discounts for the win

The restaurant business is a highly competitive one and there is no doubt about it. Differentiation in terms of services and products is the only way a restaurant can stand out from the competition. One of the ways a restaurant can grab the attention of the customers and increase its visibility on Zomato is by offering decent discounts on the dishes they offer. Customers always focus on restaurants that offer them good deals, so make sure to create a discount plan that you can implement whenever possible. The key is to place the discounts in such a way that it does not bring loss to your restaurant in the process of lowering the price of your bestsellers for the customers. 

4. Put some effort into describing your meals

Restaurant owners place great importance on uploading great pictures of their dishes on Zomato and updating their menus. But what most of them fail to emphasize is the description of the dishes. Even though it might not sound like a huge aspect, it does lay a significant role in attracting more customers to your restaurant and putting your dishes on the map of Zomato. Be quirky in the choice of your words while describing the dishes and add an element of surprise to it so that the customers feel tempted to give it a try. When we compare a well-described dish to one with no description, chances are that the former gets more attention from the website as well as the audience. 

5. Exceptional delivery service

I know this might seem a bit out of place in an article that speaks about increasing visibility on Zomato but hear me out. Everything boils down to how well you treat your customers. If your delivery service is sloppy, it might have a significant impact on your Zomato reviews, which in turn plays a big role in attracting more customers to your restaurant’s dishes. If your delivery time exceeds the expected limit, throw in some complementary dishes or delicacies to compensate for the lost time. Small actions such as this create a lasting impression on your customers, urging them to choose your service over and over and giving you a positive rating on Zomato.

6. Reduce your KPT 

KPT or the Kitchen Preparation Time is yet another essential element that will help you crack the code when it comes to increasing the restaurant’s visibility. Most of the restaurants get a bad review on Zomato because they take a lot of time in preparing the dishes. This often irritates the customers and prevents them from giving a good rating to your restaurant which in turn decreases your visibility on Zomato. One of the ways to stay ahead of the competition in Zomato is to reduce your KPI. In order to do so, identify the areas where your staff takes the most time to prepare the food and try to figure out ways to save time and speed up the activities. 

7. Do not underestimate the importance of schemes

We discussed discounts, but what about schemes? They are equally important when it comes to attracting more customers to your restaurant on Zomato. There are a lot of categories available in Zomato from which the customers choose their favorite dish. Make sure to have a presence in all the relevant sections and also try to be a part of the schemes that Zomato comes up with every now and then. This allows you to offer better deals to the customers and grab their attention from the plethora of choices they are subjected to as soon as they open the website. But always be sure to understand every aspect of the scheme because Zomato does levy a commission from the restaurant owners for every order that is made. So, calculate your profit before entering a scheme.  

8. What do your mistakes tell you?

This might not seem as relevant as the rest of the points, but it most definitely is. When it comes to advertisements, discounts, and schemes introduced by your restaurant in order to increase visibility of your restaurant, it is normal to make mistakes. It is actually better for your journey if you make mistakes. These mistakes help you in identifying the areas that you failed to focus on, giving you more clarity on the current position of your restaurant on Zomato. It gives you a better idea of where to focus and how you can do things better. So look at the pattern your mistakes and past failure reveal and make better decisions in the future. 

9. Stay relevant 

At the end of the day, try to stay relevant in your choices when it comes to increasing the visibility of your restaurant on Zomato. Instead of getting stuck on the old methods that you have been using to date, try to mix things up and try some of the most relevant trends. Observe what goes on in the restaurant business and identify what might work best for your restaurant. Give it a try and adjust it according to the response you get on Zomato. There is no steadfast rule as to what works and what does not when it comes to increasing the visibility of your restaurant, so do not shy away from experimenting until you arrive at the best mix which suits your restaurant.


Gone are the days when you rely on word-of-mouth publicity and heavy advertising on hoardings to grab the attention of your target audience and get them to flock to your restaurant. Technology has advanced and so has the restaurant business. Getting listed on Zomato opens up a wide range of opportunities for the restaurant owners it alone won’t be enough. You will have to take conscious efforts to understand how the platform works and build a plan to increase your visibility there. Keep mixing things up and experimenting with the latest technology until you stumble upon the mix that works perfectly for you.