Dunzo partner registration: How to tie up with Dunzo

We live in a world where convenience trumps almost anything. Businesses that aim at making the lives of people easier have found great success in the past few years. Dunzo is one such company that makes the lives of customers easier on so many levels. The company basically connects the customers with the delivery patterns associated with the kind of purchase they have to make. So if you are a business owner looking forward to gaining some new customer base, Dunzo might be your answer. Let us look at how Dunzo works, how you can partner with them, and how to make the most out of this opportunity.

How Does Dunzo Work?

Cities are getting busier and busier every passing day. If you do not have the right team to back you up with the logistical elements, delivery of your products to the customers can get quite hectic. This is where Dunzo comes in. If you are a restaurant owner who has great food to offer to the customers but does not have the right delivery partner to complete the order, then it might be a great idea to partner with Dunzo. 

The company helps you deliver your products to the customers in the fastest and the most cost-effective way, helping you earn loyal customers and better revenue along the way. Even if you have multiple orders that need delivery, it can be done with a single rider using this app. No matter what kind of service you offer, Dunzo makes sure that your order reaches the right customers at the right time. This becomes even more crucial with restaurants as the time and quality of delivery play a major role in the success of their business. 

Why Should You Partner With Dunzo?

There are tons of online food aggregators available in the market. So, why choose Dunzo? If you are someone who functions in the restaurant business industry, then you know how crucial timely delivery is for the success of your restaurant. It is always crucial to choose a delivery partner who is reliable and efficient. Here are some of the reasons why Dunzo might be your perfect delivery partner: 

1. You can live-track the status of your delivery

Knowing exactly where your order is at a given point in time is an interesting and crucial aspect of giving an order out for delivery. You can then pass on this feature to your customers who can also know the live status of where their order is. It makes the whole process much more reliable and effective. Dunzo allows the restaurant owners to track where the food is at any time and the same info can be passed on to the customers who have ordered the food. This is one of the best benefits you get to avail yourself of once you tie up with Dunzo and become a merchant partner. 

2. A single rider for multiple drop points

This might be one of the best features yet of Dunzo. If you have multiple orders to be delivered, you can get it all done with a single rider instead of seeking the help of multiple drivers for every single order. This is a cost-effective and time-saving feature that helps restaurant owners get their deliveries out and get them to the customers. Unlike some apps that charge extra for each delivery made, Dunzo charges you only for the single rider and not the number of deliveries they have made in a single go. If this doesn’t get you excited, then nothing else will!

3. Scheduling your orders 

Planning ahead is extremely important for the restaurant business as it might get quite cluttered and messy if proper arrangements are not done. Keeping track of orders and making sure to not miss any routine orders can be a bit hectic if you do not have the right set of tools for the same. Dunzo offers the feature of scheduling your orders so that you can plan ahead for days or weeks. Orders get delivered according to the schedule and you do not have to worry much about the future events. The extra time you get can be put into focusing more on the core operations of your restaurant business. 

4. Round-the-clock support and assistance

As ordering and delivery can be a complicated and time-sensitive process, contingencies are bound to happen. There might be glitches along the way and sometimes, more complicated issues might come up. Dunzo makes sure that no matter how complicated the issues might be, they provide you with the right assistance and support to overcome the glitches. The company offers its assistance at every point in time, all day every day. So if you are facing issues with live-tracking your orders or communicating with the delivery agent give the support team of Dunzo a call and they will take care of the rest. 

5. Provides guidance to help grow your business

Now, this is what makes Dunzo really stand out from the rest of the online food delivery companies around you. They offer proper guidance and insights to you so that you can build your business in the right direction. 

6. Enhances your reach and earnings

Being in the restaurant business and remaining successful is no easy feat. You have to constantly update your business and adapt to the changing industry needs swiftly or you might be overtaken by a new hip restaurant. Dunzo offers its partners the right tips to increase its reach with the customers and increase the revenue along with it. 

7. Secure and simple

Dunzo provides an OTP for its delivery agents so that the restaurant owners know when each delivery has been made. The payments and other processes are also extremely secure and simple, which makes Dunzo one of the easiest apps to navigate through. You do not have to worry about the orders not getting delivered or the payments not being made, as the app takes care of these elements for you. 

How To Tie Up With Dunzo?

Now let us get to the most important part of the discussion: How to tie up with Dunzo. Its pretty simple actually. All you have to do is follow these three steps and you are good to go. Let us go through them one by one:

Step 1

The first step in the registration process is downloading the app from Google Play Store. Now that you have downloaded the app, sign up with your mobile number and email address. The app then asks you to fill up your KYC details and other relevant information, and you are all done with the first step.

Step 2

Moving on to the next step, you have to enter the details regarding your restaurant, including its registration number. Then you have to enter the details of the deliverables, ie, the kind of things you need to get delivered by the application. Make sure to be extra careful while entering the details in this step.  

Step 3

The final step in the registration process is to fill up any other details regarding your restaurant such as the images of the food or other important elements which make your restaurant a reliable and secure one. You are all done. 


If you are still confused as to choosing Dunzo or not, give it a try anyway. The first delivery service they offer for your restaurant is absolutely free, so you get an opportunity to test the waters before you go all in. Make sure to check if they offer the service in your city as currently the app functions only in Bangalore, Chennai, Noida, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Gurgaon, Delhi, and Kolkata. The app ensures super-fast delivery and reliable service, so make sure to give it a try.