How to Manage and Increase Online Food Orders with Foaps

The restaurant industry is booming and opening up new opportunities every day. Every restaurant has tons of customers and orders pour in with increased enthusiasm. So how do you stand out from the crowd? By making your business more efficient and smooth for customers and restaurant owners both. In a highly competitive industry, the most effective way to gain more customers and manage them properly is to have a smooth operating system. Or else, there is a high chance for restaurants to lose their customers as quickly as they gained them. So how exactly can you bring more disciple and order to your online food orders? Install a proper food order management system! This is where Foaps can help you. We take all the messy and scrambled parts away from your business and present you with a more streamlined and simple set of elements to work with.

How Can Foaps Help You With Your Online Food Orders?

A restaurant business is not something that can be done in isolation and not partnering with food order aggregators. At times, things can get a bit overwhelming and messy, leading to mismanagement and poor customer service. It might lead to a decrease in customer ratings and level of satisfaction. It is always smart to invest in a good food order management system like Foaps so that you avoid such messy situations. Foaps help you streamline your restaurant activities and keep your dashboard uncluttered by providing the basic and most useful features that will help you stand out from the rest of the competition. Let us have a look at how exactly Foaps can help your restaurant manage and increase online food orders:

1. Super easy order management

Let us get the most obvious feature out of the way.  Your order management can now be much more simple and hassle-free with Foaps. All the orders can now be managed from a single dashboard which makes the process much simpler. You don’t have to worry about managing multiple dashboards which are dedicated to different food order aggregators as every piece of information pertaining to them can now be accessed through a single dashboard. This simplifies the entire process of looking over the orders from different partners or sources and making sure that due care is given to each one of them. Doesn’t that seem like a great way to increase online food orders for your restaurant?

2. Make the most out of comprehensive reports

One of the most effective ways to manage your restaurant business is by having the ability to look over the entire process through analytical reports. Foaps provides you in-depth reports that analyze every aspect of your business from identifying the peak hours of your business to understanding the reason why some hours are a bit slow. These reports also allow you to compare graphs of the previous day and the current day to analyze the difference in the performance of both days. Sales reports and revenue reports give a clear view of how the business performs. You also receive complete invoice orders which can be downloaded and used for future needs. Reports provided by Foaps also give you details regarding the number of cancellations, the preparation time for each food item, and so on, so that you can make the necessary changes in the right areas. 

3. Less stress more focus

Managing multiple orders at the same time and handling customer queries can be stressful tasks. It might leave you drained and unfocused, making it hard for you to take care of other aspects of your business and its core operations. Foaps allows you to focus on the more important aspects of your business by taking care of order management and related elements. You do not have to worry about managing multiple things from multiple portals as Foaps streamlines all of the processes into a single location which allows the restaurant owners to have a complete overview of what happens in the restaurant. This saves them a ton of time and takes away the element of stress from it as well. 

4. Identify your superstar dishes 

Ever wondered which dishes of yours perform the best and which ones do not? The order management system of Foaps helps you identify the dishes that earn you the most revenue and the ones that are not so famous among the customers. With this information, you can curate combo foods by combining your bestsellers with dishes that do not move that easily. This way, you can increase the sales of every dish that you offer. The best part about using Foaps is that you do not have to update your menu in all different food aggregator apps. All you have to do is update your menu in one place and the same gets reflected everywhere else. 

5. Never miss an order again

During peak hours, you might receive a lot of orders at the same time. There is a high chance for missing orders this way and losing valuable customers. Installing an online food order management system such as Foaps helps you cash in every order and make the delivery on time so that the customers do not feel neglected. This not only increases your revenue, but also your level of customer satisfaction as well. It prevents loss of customers which in turn saves you a lot of time and money which otherwise might have been spent on acquiring new customers. 

6. Orders can now be auto-accepted

How cool would it be if all your orders had a provision of being auto-accepted? Foaps offers you this feature which can help you prevent any lost orders. All you have to do is enable this feature while you install the order management app and thats it. The system will detect orders and place them which helps you make the most out of the peak hours of business. Without this feature, there can be situations where you might not be present when an order appears and it might be lost if not accepted quickly. The auto-accept feature allows orders of customers to be accepted without having to manually accept them, which can be a pretty beneficial element to add to your everyday business. 

7. Increased customer retention

Do you know that it is much easier and less expensive to retain old customers than acquire new ones? There is no need for aggressive digital marketing tools or complicated marketing strategies to be implemented to make sure that you retain your old customers. All you have to do is treat them well and give them a great customer experience. Paying attention to small things like delivering food on time, accepting orders swiftly, and making sure that the orders ae correct, creates a good impression among customers. This gets reflected as an increased rating on food delivery apps and return purchases. Foaps helps your restaurant do all of these things efficiently through simplified procedures and streamlined dashboards. 

8. Simplified dashboards and less clutter

Managing multiple food-ordering aggregator platforms can be very messy. You might always have to jump from one dashboard to the other, updating menus and adding new changes to each one of them. Foaps offers you a comprehensive order management system where you can integrate all the activities of your business into a single dashboard. You get real-time alerts and notifications of different food orders here and every other activity of the restaurant can be streamlined into a single space. Everything can be arranged in an orderly manner and a lot of clutter can be eliminated as well. 

9. Save tons of time and increase efficiency

With all of the features that Foaps offer, your restaurant business can save an ample amount of time and an equally significant amount of money in the long run. Hours lost because of cluttered services and money lost by orders not taken can be prevented by installing an efficient online food order management system. Along with this, the overall operational efficiency of the business can also be increased with the help of Foaps. The unwanted activities are eliminated and focus is given to more important activities, thereby increasing the overall efficiency of your restaurant business. 

10. Helps you focus more on business operations

Planning ahead and bringing in continuous improvement is the only way for a restaurant to survive in this competitive industry. For this, restaurant owners have to constantly innovate and bring in change. Foaps allow restaurant owners to focus more on operational processes which can create a competitive advantage for the business in the long run by taking away all the distractions. 


If you are serious about your restaurant business and are looking forward to systematically increasing your online food orders, then installing Foaps can be the first step. You can slowly scale up and bring in necessary changes that allow you to make the most out of the restaurant business. So, why wait? Install the order management system and take your restaurant business to the next level!