How To Choose A Restaurant Menu Management Software

It takes constant improvement and proactiveness to survive and flourish in a highly competitive and volatile industry like the restaurant business. This is why restaurant owners come up with new and novel ideas and techniques to stay ahead of any competition and create a space of their own. 

It is highly difficult to manage a restaurant business as there are a lot of areas where one’s attention must go, and failing to do so results in a loss of customers. This is why smart restaurant owners use restaurant management systems that do the heavy lifting for them. 

One of the most prominent of these tools is, without a doubt, restaurant menu management software. If you haven’t got one and are contemplating investing in a restaurant menu management system, you have come to the right place!

What is restaurant menu management software?

Menu forms the backbone of a restaurant business. It is the most interesting part of visiting a restaurant and ordering food, second only to the actual experience of having food. This is why a menu can do a lot of good to your restaurant business if handled properly. Menu management software is the one that helps restaurants manage, update, and customize their menu along with integrating various other aspects of the business, such as inventory management and cost management. A restaurant menu management software can be a total game-changer for any business as it takes a huge burden off the shoulders of restaurant owners. 

Do you need restaurant menu management software for your business?

Well, do you want to scale up your restaurant business and prevent getting waterboarded by upcoming trendy and hip restaurants? If yes, then you should definitely consider investing in menu management software. It can be quite easy to get overwhelmed by the options available to you and the plethora of features most of the software offers.

 So make sure to anchor yourself to four or five essential features that you feel are important for your business. Then look for software that offers just these. Foaps is one such company that offers simple yet effective restaurant menu management software with the basic and necessary features needed for the flourishment of your business.

 But before you make your decision, let’s have a look at some of the essential features your restaurant menu management software must have.

Top features to look for in an efficient restaurant menu management software

Here are some of the most in-demand features that you should look for in menu management software. Note that you do not need all of these features for it to be successful. Choose the ones that work for your specific restaurant business and go ahead with them.

1. In-depth reports are a must-have

Reports can be the eyes and ears of your restaurant if used wisely. Reports related to the menu can be optimized in such a way that it provides feedback to customers for every item the restaurant serves. This in turn, helps you identify the bestsellers, the items that have received a bad review, and the best combinations of food to create the next time. Foaps creates in-depth reports based on these parameters.

 This information can be crucial for restaurants to stay ahead of the competition and make sure that every item on the menu gets a chance to please the customers. Make sure to update the menu according to customer feedback on a routine basis. Choose a restaurant menu management software that helps the updation process be easy. 

2. Allows efficient recipe management

Keeping tabs on the recipes of each item your restaurant offers can be an excellent way to make sure that your recipes taste exactly the same every time they are served. This option or feature can be extremely handy when you run a multichain restaurant and wants to maintain some level of standardization across all your outlets.

 With the help of a recipe management feature, you will be able to store data related to the exact ingredients needed to create a dish, the average time taken to prepare it, and the cost associated with creating the dish every time. This helps maintain the taste and quality of the food, along with reducing any unnecessary food wastage costs. 

3. It Must be easy to create categories

Navigating the menu of a restaurant must be an easy and logical process. Categories help section the food into popper groups which makes it easier for customers to go through the menu and make an order in no time. This is where the importance of categories comes to play. 

If your restaurant menu management system does not offer the feature of generation of categories, menu management and updation can become a herculean task for you. Look for menu management software that helps in creating categories with ease. This will help you save tons of time and money when it comes to arranging the dishes and updating the menu from time to time. 

4. Cloud-based or not?

If you are someone who gives relevance to the security of data, then it would be wise to go for a restaurant menu management system that is cloud-based. It gives more security to your system than the ones that tie all of the data to a single computer system. When it comes to the restaurant business, there is yet another advantage to choosing a cloud-based system. 

It allows employees and owners to access relevant data stored in the cloud from any authorized application and location without any hindrance. It allows work to flow smoothly without being halted by technical glitches. Foaps offers a simple and effective restaurant management system that is cloud-based, so if you are looking for one, this can definitely be it. 

5. Central management of the menu

Imagine having to make changes to the menu for each outlet of your restaurant every time a small tweak is made to it. This task alone pulls back most restaurant owners and staff from the timely updation of their menu. This problem is solved by the central management feature available with a restaurant menu management system.

 You only have to update your menu in one place, and the changes will be reflected across all platforms and outlets immediately. The central menu management feature helps manage the menu efficiently without any waste of time and effort. It also makes the menu updation process much more manageable and easy. You can learn more about Foaps’ menu management here.

6. Does it support multiple languages?

I know this feature might be a bit excessive, but if you have customers from different locations purchasing your items (and if you have multiple restaurant locations in different geographical locations), adding multiple language features to your restaurant menu management software might be a cherry on top. 

You need not worry about this feature if you have customers who are not geographically or linguistically diverse, but if you do, it might be effective to add this feature as well. It definitely helps you stand out from the rest of the restaurants that do not offer this feature and can enhance the overall customer experience as well. 

7. Smart display of the menu

A digital menu is now a common feature in almost all restaurants that offer their services online. But is your digital menu smart enough to highlight the best dishes to customers at the right time? If not, then make sure to choose a restaurant menu management system that has this feature. 

A smart menu display feature allows your digital menu to showcase the most attractive items to the customers according to their preferences, thereby increasing the chances of making additional purchases and enhancing customer satisfaction. If you want to go a step further, the smart menu can also display the calorie details along with the allergy information for the food. This is a feature that can surely catch the attention of your customers. 

8. Cost management 

A restaurant is one such business where it is crucial to have an efficient cost-management system in place for it to run successfully. Buying food and managing employees are two of the biggest expenditures that a restaurant business incurs. It is always beneficial to look for restaurant menu management software that has a cost management feature available along with it. 

This feature helps restaurants correctly track the expense and income associated with food on a daily basis, giving a clear view of which item the business spends most of its money on and the kind of return it receives from it. 

9. Helps manage your inventory

Stockouts and wastage are two extreme situations that are absolute nightmares to restaurant owners. If there are not enough raw materials available in the kitchen to make the recipes for the day, customers may get tired of waiting and leaving the restaurant. If the anticipated amount of raw materials and food is more than the actual demand, it can lead to the wastage of food as well.

 A menu management system that offers inventory management services can help prevent such scenarios and manage the supply according to the demand. So make sure to look for this feature in your search for an appropriate restaurant menu management system. 


Now you have an idea of the most useful features to look for in a restaurant menu management system. Consider this list a guide for you to navigate through the sea of features available for a restaurant menu management system in the market. If you are looking for effective software with well-developed features, make sure to give Foaps a visit. You can also get a demo to understand our software’s functionality fully.