9 Restaurant Reports You Must Know To Grow A Strong Restaurant Business

The restaurant industry is one of the most competitive and ever-changing sectors in current times. This is why restaurant owners have to be proactive in their strategies and be constantly on the lookout for new ways to stay ahead of the competition. Constant self-evaluation and improvement are the only ways to stay relevant in this highly competitive industry.

 One of the most effective ways to do so is to rely on reports that give a comprehensive analysis of the performance of your restaurant. Reports offer you in-depth knowledge of the strong and weak points of your restaurant, thereby paving the way for necessary changes and improvements. 

Restaurant reports are not that complicated

There must be at least some restaurant owners who feel a bit intimidated when they hear the word “reports.” They associate reports with complex statistical data and cumbersome number combinations. But nothing could be farther from the truth. Reports simplify the complex data of your restaurant and present it to you in a much simpler and more understandable format. 

Manually preparing these reports is close to impossible. This is why we have POS systems and other dedicated software that specializes in generating accurate and analytical business reports. This software reduces your workload tremendously and helps you save tons of money as well. 

Why are restaurant reports necessary for your business?

It is always necessary for a business to keep a close eye on its functions and performance. This helps restaurateurs identify possible risks and chances of failure way ahead, reducing the impact and damage of the same. Also, it is essential for restaurants to identify the areas in which they perform well and the places where they need to pay more attention.

 Reports are restaurant owners’ best friends in this case, as they closely observe the performance of the company and provide the necessary information to get a clear idea of where the restaurant currently stands. So if you are planning to develop a successful restaurant business, then reports are a must-have. 

Restaurant reports are a must-have for a successful restaurant business

There are a plethora of reports available to you, so it can be pretty easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of information presented to you. This is why it is essential to find out which areas your restaurant considers its KPIs and focus efforts on these areas alone.

 Apart from these, let us have a look at some of the most important reports that can be useful for any restaurant business, irrespective of their mode and style of operations. Let us have a look at them, one by one. 

1. Menu Performance Reports

One of the most important reports every restaurant business must have is the menu performance report. As you know, menus are the face of your restaurant’s menu performance report, which analyzes the performance of different items on the menu over a period of time. The final report will give you an idea of which items are your bestsellers and which are the items that do not go well with the customers.

 This key information can then be used to bring significant changes to the dishes and combos, generating more revenue over time. By optimizing the menu through this report, you will also be able to improve other areas of your business, like inventory management, food costs, and operating costs. 

2. Deals Reports

A restaurant is a place where a large number of transactions, deals, and bargains take place in a day. It might be difficult for restaurant owners to take note of the different deals and arrangements that took place on that day, making it even tougher to have a clear idea of whether the bargains and deals were worthwhile or not. 

This is where we introduce the deals restaurant report. Every deal and transaction done through the system will be soon coveted into the report of a deal, which can be used y the restaurant owner to get a clear idea of whether or not the bargains were profitable. 

3. CRM Reports

To say that customers are an integral part of any restaurant business would be an understatement. This is why great care has to be taken when dealing with anything customer-related. It is crucial for restaurants to store and arrange any data related to the customers. This can include the number of times customers have purchased from the restaurant, the timings of purchase, the feedback given, and so on.

 CRM (customer relationship management) reports help restaurant owners put special care when it comes to retaining existing customers and leading them to repurchases. The restaurant report provides relevant data to help understand customer preferences better, thereby helping the restaurants build a loyal customer base. 

4. Stock/Inventory Reports

Maintaining the right amount of stock is essential for a restaurant business to save costs and cut down on wasteful expenses. If not managed properly, it can lead to stockouts or surplus food. The former leads to unhappy customers, and the latter causes unwanted expenses to occur.

 A stock or inventory report provides restaurant owners with an accurate picture of the number of raw materials available for each day and how food planning can be done accordingly. Inventory restaurant reports are extremely important if you are a multichain restaurant owner, as it can become quite tedious to keep track of the stock levels of various outlets. 

5. Cost Reports

Managing costs can be quite a hectic task for restaurant owners as one thing or the other pops up every month to disrupt the planned budget. This is where a cost report comes in handy. It helps restaurants figure out where the majority of their money goes and the kind of expenses they have to incur every month. 

It helps give them a better insight into the financial performance of the business. This helps businesses identify areas where they will have to cut some expenses short and invest them elsewhere. Cost reports are an unavoidable aspect that must be a part of every restaurant business. 

6. Sales Reports

If you need to get a detailed analysis of the number of sales that took place in your restaurant on a particular day, then make sure to invest in a sales report. It not only gives you complete information regarding sales of the restaurant, but it also provides additional information such as the type of deals that took place on that day and the type of discounts availed by the customers. This is the most critical report that your business needs as it gives a clear idea of whether your business is healthy or not. You can use the information to analyze your restaurant’s peak times as well as the times when sales are a bit low. This helps in planning the staffing of employees as well. 

7. Outlet Performance Reports 

This one is especially for restaurant owners that have multiple outlets present. It is definitely quite difficult to manage all of the data together and have a clear idea of how each branch or outlet is performing if the information about the same is collected and analyzed manually. 

Outlet performance restaurant reports allow restaurant owners to have a comprehensive analysis and overview of how each of the restaurant outlets performs in one single place. This makes management the same as compared to handling an enormous amount of information manually. So make sure to choose a POS system that offers you this report as well. 

8. Payroll Report

As the name suggests, a “payroll report” gives restaurant owners information related to the payroll details of an employee. It is a well-known fact that the way employees deal with the customers in a restaurant can make or break the whole customer experience. As employee salary is the biggest expense any restaurant or company will incur, it is judicious to have a dedicated report that will give you detailed information on the level of performance of the employees, their working hours, labor costs, attendance, and so on. It can play a huge role in identifying good performances as well as bad ones. 

9. Online Orders Report 

The past few years have revolutionized the online food delivery system for the whole nation. More customers have become open to purchasing their food online, and restaurants have tried their best to make the most of the same. If this is true in your case as well, then an online order report is a must-have for your restaurant as well. Foaps provides a well-rounded report on your online.  In addition to this, they help you manage orders made to your restaurant via multiple food delivery platforms. You can try Foaps here.

 It gives you comprehensive insights into the platforms or areas where customers search for your company the most, their preferred payment method, and so on. If used properly, it can do wonders for your restaurant business.  


That’s it! You mainly need these 9 super reports to make your restaurant business more profitable and successful. Make sure to incorporate them into your everyday business functions, and you will be able to see huge changes within a short period of time.