Top 10 Hottest Food Trends of 2022

In order to stay relevant and hip in the restaurant business, it is essential to stay updated regarding the latest food trends. As more and more restaurants have begun to experiment with anything they find interesting, it is high time that you too try something out of the box. Study the market and analyze the trends. If you feel like they are going to stick, then give such food trends a try. And if you are too busy to do the research yourself, do not worry! We have come up with an exclusive list of some of the hottest food trends of 2022 that will help your restaurant make some noise in the ever-changing restaurant industry!

Food trends

1. Fusion food is here to stay

Ever since the pandemic and the lockdown that followed, people have tried mixing ingredients and cuisines like never before, and the results are more than interesting! One of the biggest food trends of the year is, without a doubt, the fusion of different cuisines. Now you can find indo-chinese dishes and Korean hotdogs, which are a beautiful mix of the richness of different nations. Do some experimentation and see if you can come up with something like this.

2. Veganism and vegetarianism

People are now extremely conscious of what they put into their bodies, and this has given new life to veganism as well as vegetarianism in restaurants. Plant-based recipes are increasing in popularity of late, and by the looks of it, the trend is about to have some major impact on the restaurant business. More and more people are demanding vegan and vegetarian options as well as alternatives in restaurants, and as the number of restaurants offering such dishes is not so high now, it will definitely give you the first mover advantage if you start now. 

3. Goodness from the Indian villages

If you look at the number of views videos related to local Indian food and its preparation get, you will be astonished. No matter how advanced the food industry gets, there will always be a separate fanbase for local cuisines from various parts of India. Do a thorough research in your locality and find out the local dishes that are a pat of the tradition and culture of the area. Incorporate it into your tour menu by giving it a twist of your own. This can be the signature dish of your restaurant, even!

Goodness from the Indian villages

4. A quirky mix of healthy seeds

A few years ago, people might never have made the connection between sunflower seeds and health. Most of us did not even know that they were edible even! But things have changed a lot since then, and we are all much more informed about the health benefits of these superseeds. Whether it be pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds or flax seeds, adding them to your salads is sure to grab the attention of your health-conscious customers, as nobody will say no to a healthy twist to their daily desserts. 

5. Not longer, but richer menus

Restaurants that take their food seriously have been moving towards a shorter menu that offers a more comprehensive set of choices for the customers rather than a huge menu that would only leave them confused. It would make your customers feel more relaxed and at ease if you offered them a simpler menu with excellent dishes. This decluttering will save the restaurants a lot of time, which they can then use to perfect their menus and their dishes. 

6. Herbal teas have made a comeback

This, too, is a direct impact of the pandemic! Greenteas has been here for some time, but the rest of the gang made their entry only after the lockdown. Be it tulsi tea, chamomile tea, mint tea, or even a mix of a number of teas, customers are all in! Make sure to add some of the best herbal teas to your menu and pay attention to making them the right way. You could also add some fresh ingredients that are available in the local store, as nothing beats the original stuff!

7. International cuisines

We see a lot of restaurants opening up around us, and a majority of them offer foods from international cuisines. Asian cuisines such as Japanese and Korean foods have increased in popularity of late, and the same can be reflected in the taste of the customers as well. People are more open to experimentation, and restaurants have begun to open up their menus to add items of interest. Take a survey and get an idea of the international cuisine that people in your locality love. Add some basic dishes from the cuisine to your menu and see how it goes!

International cuisines

8. All ingredients are now in-house

A large number of restaurants have now made a major switch to in-house ingredients rather than store-bought ones. This is not only a much healthier way to make food, but it has also helped restaurants cut down on the cost of food. The biggest perk of this switch is that it decreases the amount of preservatives used in the food, which means better health for your customers. So start growing a herb garden of your own and try to source your ingredients from the local kosher stores, which are much healthier than the other versions.

9. Meat, but not exactly

People love meat, but they would also love something that tastes exactly the same minus the guilt that comes along with it. Plant-based meat is now becoming a favorite among not only vegans but also the hard core vegetarians. The flavor and mouthfeel of these meat analogues are almost exactly the same as the real thing, so the customers will never have to compromise on the taste. Get your hands on some meat-alternatives and come up with interesting items to put on your menu.

10. Non-alcoholic drinks

The shift in the mindset of people towards a healthy lifestyle has been reflected in their choice of drinks as well. Customers opt for non-alcoholic drinks way more than their stronger alternatives, and this is the right opportunity for your restaurant to come up with some cool non-alcoholic drinks! Make sure to come up with quirky names that can catch the attention of the customers. If there is one food trend that you can try right away, it is this!


We have seen how the restaurant industry and the mindset of people towards food have changed over time. The same is going to happen in the future as well. Keep reinventing your menu and make sure to take some bold steps so that you can make your mark in this highly competitive business.