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How did Empire Plaza Automate Order Management Seamlessly?

" We were completely dependent on manual order management. As the number of orders started increasing we realized the manual way is not going to work out. We got in touch with the team at Foaps. The tool brought powerful automation capabilities to order management and we haven't looked back ever since."
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- Team Empire Plaza


Empire Plaza is a renowned hotel situated in the IT capital of Kochi, Kakkanad. The hotel is immensely popular for its breakfast varieties and is one of the most sought-after breakfast spots in the region. However, the hotel had its share of troubles when it came to order management.

What Challenges Hindered the Business of Empire Plaza?

  • Empire Plaza had no dearth of orders. Thanks to the quality and taste of their food, the number of orders both online and offline started increasing day by day. The restaurant management found it quite a task to manage them. The reason was that Empire Plaza still followed an outdated set of processes. They still typed orders into their system manually and that consumed a lot of time. As orders started increasing the manual way of doing things started making order management quite inefficient which in turn hindered the growth of the restaurant. Empire Plaza needed a solution to overcome this hurdle and maintain its popularity among foodies.
And Foaps came into the picture.

How did Foaps help Overcome the Challenges of Empire Plaza?

  • Foaps helped Empire Plaza overcome this challenge by introducing automated order management. With the help of automation, the orders could now be accepted, forwarded to the kitchen, and get completed on time with minimal manual intervention.

What was the Outcome - 2X Surge in Sales

With Foaps in place, Empire Plaza can now manage more orders than ever. There are no delays, no errors or unwanted confusion. Order management has become a seamless process now. And the best part is that they have been able to eliminate the need for unwanted manual work in order management.

Empire Plaza is now managing more orders than ever with Foaps!

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