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How did Haji Ali Level-Up their Order Management Game to Achieve a Surge in Sales?

" Order management was turning out to be a herculean task for us and that's when we sought the help of Foaps. Now, accepting and managing orders have become quite effortless! But that's not all! Menu management has also become much easier now. Special shoutout to the team at Foaps for their excellent tool and exceptional customer support!"
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- Team Haji Ali


Haji Ali is arguably the most popular home-grown fast-food chain in the country. The chain of joints is much loved for their fruit juices, creams, and sandwiches. Though a vegetarian food joint, it is loved by all types of foodies across the country. Here, we talk about one such Haji Ali joint located in Kochi and the struggles they had to endure due to weak order management.

What Challenges Hindered the Business of Haji Ali?

  • Haji Ali’s huge popularity always drew in a lot of online orders but handling them proved to be the most difficult thing over time. First of all, the restaurant had to maintain two dashboards to manage orders from two different delivery partners. The cashier had to keep toggling between these dashboards to handle orders and they needed a system to solve this conundrum.
  • They didn’t have proper insights to depend on, so as to understand the performance of sales, the number of orders, the best performing areas, and the areas that needed improvement.
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How did Foaps help Overcome this Challenge?

  • Foaps acted as an integrated system to help manage orders. Haji Ali could now manage, track and fulfill orders from a single platform, instead of toggling between multiple dashboards.
  • The auto-generated report of Foaps gave rich analytical insights about various aspects like orders, sales, and best and worst-performing areas. This helped the management to understand the well-off areas and the ones that needed improvement.

What was the Outcome?

By maintaining a single dashboard for all online orders, the management could easily sort out orders, accept them, and monitor and fulfil them on time without any delays and confusion.

The restaurant now knows where areas to focus, what items are more in demand, what items should be removed from the menu, and which one should be reintroduced into the menu, thanks to analytical reports of Foaps. As a result, rapid growth in sales has been observed.

For Haji Ali, order management has become a cakewalk now!

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