The Perfect Food Delivery Management Software for Handling Order Delivery Seamlessly

Having trouble managing orders from multiple delivery partners? You can put an end to it. Manage any number of food orders from any delivery partner seamlessly with Foaps’s robust food delivery management software.

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Why Choose Foaps as your Food Delivery Management Software

Why Choose Foaps as your Food Delivery Management Software

With a plethora of options available, it might be a bit difficult to choose the best food delivery management software for your restaurant. So let us make it easier for you. Below listed are some of the unique features offered by the food delivery management system of Foaps. If it aligns with what you are looking for, then wait for no further to make the best decision for the success of your restaurant:

  1. Track the status of your orders in real-time: The best feature of our food delivery management system is that you are provided with the live status of all your deliveries from different delivery partners. It is great to keep track of how quickly the orders are delivered. 
  2. Comprehensive dashboard: Wouldn’t it be great to have a single space to view the functioning of your entire restaurant? The comprehensive and minimal dashboard of Foaps includes all the necessary elements in its dashboard to give you a complete view of every process. 
  3. Detailed reports: One of the most beneficial aspects of installing our food delivery management is the access to in-depth and detailed reports that are thoroughly based on research. 
  4. Menu updation and price revision: You will be able to make changes to your menu as well as the pricing of your food items instantly with the help of the food delivery management system.

Instant Benefits of Installing Foaps as your Food Delivery Management Software

After installing the food delivery management system by Foaps, you will be able to see an almost immediate change in the way your restaurant functions. Some of the benefits of installing the system are:

  1. Increased positive reviews from customers and a great customer experience is an almost immediate benefit of a food delivery management system. As the delivery process is smooth and effortless, customer satisfaction is highly increased.
  2. No more food deliveries are issued due to poor management. With a proper food delivery management system in place, restaurant owners can prevent manual errors in updating the POS system. 
  3. Order management can now be done in an efficient way as there is a dedicated dashboard to prevent mismatched orders and a real-time tracking system to make sure that every order reaches its destination. 

What Exactly Is a Food Delivery Management Software

As restaurant owners, you know how crucial proper food delivery to customers is. But not all restaurants have their own fleet of delivery agents or the logistics to accomplish a great service. This is why most restaurant owners seek the help of third party delivery platforms that do this service for them. As a restaurant usually ties up with more than one third party aggregator for delivery of food, keeping a track of the order and managing the other aspects of the same can be pretty messy. Wouldn’t it be excellent if there was a platform that integrated all of these third party aggregators and the data related to the same in a single place?


This is where the relevance of a food delivery management software comes up. It essentially acts as a platform that bundles up all of these third party aggregators in a single platform making it much easier and simple to manage. It makes the tracking of the food orders less complicated and enables the restaurant to provide a wholesome customer experience as well. The food delivery management software of Foaps also integrate with the  point-of-sale (POS) systems to give a more comprehensive and wholesome service to the restaurant owners.  

What Exactly Is a Food Delivery Management Software

How a Food Delivery Management Software Works Is Even More Interesting!

If you are planning to install a food delivery management software to your restaurant, it is imperative that you know a bit more about how exactly it functions. Every restaurant has a point-of-sale system (POS) with them. What a food delivery management software does is that it connects this point-of-sale system (POS) with the third-party food delivery services, deleting the need for any confusion or hassle between these two elements. This way, the gap that exists between the point-of-sale system (POS) if the restaurant and the third party food delivery aggregators are bridged, providing a smooth and efficient functioning of the restaurant.


The restaurant need not act as a middleman stuck between these two ends of business and a proper flow of information to and from the two aspects can be maintained. There is no need for any confirmation from the side of either party to move ahead and deliver the food, as real time tracking of the ordes and reports related to the same are made available to the restaurant as well. The third party aggregators can also check the status of the restaurant regarding an orde to make the delivery lightning fast and free of error. That’s how simple it is!

Can Your Business Use a Food Delivery Management Software

Now that you have a pretty clear idea of what a food delivery management system is and how it functions, it is time to think what kind of businesses usually install this system and whether or not it is apt for your restaurant. Well, if you run a business that serves food and uses the help of a delivery service to make it reach the customers, then you are good to go. It applies all the same, from small restaurants to quick-service restaurants to coffee shops. 


Even when we say restaurant business, it is a pretty wide term that encompasses a lot of sub-sections as well. There has been a spike in the presence of ghost kitchens, cloud kitchens, or dark kitchens of late and if you are someone who belongs to this category, then you can absolutely make use of a food delivery management system. Cloud kitchens are the ones that prepare food exclusively for the purpose of delivery and not dine-in experience, making it all the more important to have a food delivery management system in place. There is a third category of grocers, FMCG companies, and supermarkets that can use this system as well because nowadays almost all of these groups offer food delivery services to customers. 

Why Should You Invest in a Food Delivery Management Software

If you are someone who enters each delivery order manually into your POS system, then you know how time-consuming and tedious the job can be. Apart from the boring nature of the job, it can be pretty easy to make mistakes as well. These mistakes can cost you a faithful customer o a great sale. When tickets are being copied from one place to the other, it is only common to make errors. A similar issue that restaurant owners have to face is that of juggling multiple tablets at a time. Usually, a restaurant owner partners with multiple food delivery companies and each of these companies need its own dedicated tablets. While simultaneous usage of these services happens, a restaurant owner has to jump from one tablet to the other, which can lead to confusion and mistakes. 


Menus form an integral part of restaurants and it is efficient for restaurant owners to update their menu when they are dealing with customers online. Byt this can be a time-consuming task if done without the help of a food delivery management system. Managing multiple online menus in a single place can help you organize and arrange them better as well. All of these major roadblocks can be easily removed if you decide to invest in a good food delivery management system such as Foaps. 

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