Simplify your Order Hassles with an Effective Food Order Management System

Why install expensive and complicated food order management systems when one simple app can solve all your problems? Foaps makes food ordering so much easier by keeping it simple and hassle-free.

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Why choose Foaps as your Food Order Management System?

There are quite a lot of food order management systems available in the market and it is only normal that you get confused. At the end of the day, it depends on what needs your restaurant is looking to fulfill. It can be easy management of the online menu, tracking of your food orders and status of their delivery, availability of in-depth reports, and ease of taking online orders. If these are some of the services that you are looking for in a food order management system, then might be the perfect fit for you.

Why choose Foaps as your Food Order Management System?

Manage all your food orders at a single place

Foaps is one of the most cost-effective food order management systems out there and it helps you manage all your orders in a single place. No matter how many online food aggregators you have partnered with, the details of the orders can be accessed at a single point in the dashboard. You don’t have to jump from one application to the other trying to figure out which customer has ordered what food at what price, as it will all be taken care of in a single point.

Track the status of your food order in real-time

What is more stressful than getting your orders right? It is making sure that the orders reach the right customers at the right time. This is why the food order management system by Foaps offers you the feature to track the status of the orders, giving you real-time updates on the same. 

Update Menu and Pricing in a Single Click

Menu management is one of the biggest concerns of restaurant owners. They have to quickly update the menu according to availability, revise pricing across all platforms, etc., during rush hours! Doing all these tasks manually is not recommended since it is time-consuming and less accurate. Instead, a food order management system such as Foaps allows you to update the menu and pricing in just a single click. Eventually, you can save a  lot of time and improve the productivity of your restaurant! 

Hassle-free Partnership With Food Aggregators

Every time a new delivery partner comes up in the market, restaurant owners have to meet them individually to get their restaurant listed on the respective food aggregator sites. This is a tedious task and takes up a lot of productive time. Instead, order management systems such as Foaps can ease your burden by offering seamless integration with food aggregators. The system can manage the partnership efficiently and help get started and receive orders quickly! 

Hassle-free Partnership With Food Aggregators
Comprehensive dashboard

Comprehensive dashboard

While most of the food order management systems available in the market bombard the users with a multitude of features, most of which are not relevant or useful for the user, Foaps has a simple yet comprehensive dashboard that offers the most relevant and useful features alone. From tracking the orders to getting daily reports to managing the menu, this dashboard does it all without overwhelming the restaurant owners with unwanted features. Integrating with online food aggregators can now be a piece of cake. 

Real-time Reports For Easy Analysis

Analysing reports helps restaurant owners to gain valuable insights to lead them to success. Foap’s robust order management system provides real-time analytical reports to determine the performance of online food delivery, revenue generation, rush hours and more. Furthermore, the visual charts help you interpret trends, sales, and profits more easily. These top features make Foaps more than just a tool to track and fulfil orders! 

What exactly is a Food Order Management System?

Why Choose Foaps as your Food Delivery Management Software

We all know how the digital revolution is taking the world by storm. Almost every business has an online presence, and those that don’t, are surely missing out on a massive chunk of potential. The same goes for the restaurant business as well. Gone are the days when people were skeptical about ordering their food online. Now everyone prefers things this way. And this shift in the mindset of the customers has opened a big door of possibilities for the restaurant owners.


Online food order management has become a crucial part of every restaurant business as it helps the restaurant owners manage the food orders in a mess-free manner. A food ode management system takes away the stress of getting the orders right or tracking the status of the order away from the restaurant owners, making their life that much easier. 

How does a Food Order Management System work?

A restaurant owner that offers his service online gets a decent amount of orders on a daily basis. If the order-taking and associated activities are done manually, it would be a time-consuming and confusing task. This is where the food order management system comes to play. It offers a simple setup where the restaurant owner can manage all the activities starting from taking the order to managing the payments at a single point. 

Who uses a Food Order Management System?

Who uses a Food Order Management System?

Any restaurant owner who wishes to grow their business would find it useful to install a restaurant order taking system. With this simple system in place, you need not worry about mixing up orders or providing bad customer service. The activities are 100% automated, making it easy for the restaurant orders to manage and look over what is happening at their restaurant. If you are someone who is looking forward to expanding your business beyond the usual offline food ordering and in-house dining, then an online food ordering system is a must-have for you.   

Perks of using a Food Order Management System

It makes your restaurant business simpler and more efficient. The employees can take a break from the monotonous task of taking food orders as there is an automated system to do it for them. The most interesting benefit of having a food order management system in place is that you can manage all your orders coming from different online food aggregators in a single place! What’s more, the restaurants can track the orders in real-time, leading to a smoother delivery experience.

What to look for in a Food Order Management System?

What to look for in a Food Order Management System?

Now that you have decided that having an online food order management system can do wonders for your business, it is time to discuss what are the features that you should look for in one. Make sure to choose a system that is not overly complicated. Remember, we are installing it to make your business simpler, not to make it more confusing. It is better to go for a food order management system that offers basic features like detailed reports, easy to use dashboard, unified management of menus, and easy partnership with the online food delivery platforms.