Strategies to improve the delivery efficiency of restaurants

Food is bliss. And if it happens to reach people without the hassle of getting out of their homes and visiting a restaurant, things become even more heavenly. This is why most restaurant owners take online food delivery services quite seriously. There are very few restaurants that do not offer online delivery services, and even they are slowly adapting to the same. Such is the demand for the service. It is also one of the biggest and easiest ways for restaurants to gain more customers and hone their competitive advantage. So, how can the delivery efficiency of restaurants be improved? Let us find out.

Why should you improve the efficiency of your delivery?
Why should you improve the efficiency of your delivery?

Why should you improve the efficiency of your delivery?

Nobody likes a customer that is both angry and hungry. Inefficient delivery services can lead to delayed food delivery to customers, causing high displeasure. This can directly lead to negative reviews on various platforms, which can, in turn, lead to a drop in business. This is one of the many problems a restaurant might have to face if they do not have good delivery efficiency. Remember, customers have tons of options to choose from, so an excellent delivery service can be one of the key factors that can help your restaurant stand out from the rest of the competition. 

7 ways to increase the delivery efficiency of your restaurant

Now that we know how important online delivery services are to a restaurant and how efficient delivery can make or break it for restaurants, let us have a closer look at some of the best ways in which a restaurant can achieve delivery efficiency quickly:

1. Provide time estimates that are realistic

Do not sow false time estimates that promise food delivery at a much shorter time than the actual time. This might seem like a good idea to create an illusion of efficient delivery. Still, the chances of customers getting angry at delayed food delivery are higher in this case. Make sure to be transparent when it comes to providing time estimates so that the customer has the right idea of how much longer their food might take to reach them. If there are any delays, make sure to let the customer know of the same. These small actions can create a good image of the restaurant among the customers. 

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Digitization is important

2. Digitization is important

Not only for the customers but also for the restaurant, digitization can be the best bet when it comes to handling multiple orders. If restaurants have a digitized system that takes care of receiving orders and transferring the relevant information to the kitchen, it prevents any order losses and taking down wrong orders. As far as the customers are concerned, they need the food ordering process to be simple and effortless. In order for this to happen, digitization of the process is indeed the best way. It would be best to install an order management system like the one that Foaps offer, which manages everything from picking up the order to making sure the analytics of the same is provided to you in the form of detailed reports. 

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Make sure to prioritize the orders

3. Make sure to prioritize the orders

There are a lot of elements to be factored in when it comes to prioritizing orders. Sticking to the formula of first come, first served might not always work. That is why restaurants have to consider the total time needed to prepare an order and the estimated transit time for the food to finally reach the customers. For example, the first order you receive might be a small one, and the customer location can be nearby. But suppose the second order takes more time to prepare and takes longer to reach the customer. In that case, the second order must be prioritized over the first one. 

4. Enable a separate pickup area

It would be quite creative if you could arrange a special area in your restaurant that is dedicated to the pickup of online food orders by the drivers. This can prevent any order mixup, and most importantly, the ambience of the restaurant will not get affected. Packing online orders and giving them to delivery agents can be a hectic and noisy affair. There might be other customers who have chosen to dine in at the restaurant as well, so it is better to create a good environment for the physical customers by keeping online things separate. 

5. Paying heed to customer feedback

One of the most effective ways to enhance delivery efficiency is listening carefully to what your customers say. Take note of the areas where the customers have given negative feedback for your online delivery service. Look into what went wrong and make sure to alleviate the problem. The next time you make the delivery, customers will definitely feel the difference. This not only makes them appreciate your restaurant more, but they will feel acknowledged as well.

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Don’t undermine the role of good packing

6. Don’t undermine the role of good packing

If there is one element in online delivery services that can create the most impact on the customers, it is the way their food is packed. Hygiene is of prime importance when it comes to the food industry, and the same applies to online food delivery as well. Good and sturdy packaging, along with a note about cleanliness, can help make your customers satisfied and may even prompt them to give you an extra star on the online rating system. It is also one of the most effective ways to make a good first impression on customers. Add your unique touch to it by adding an element of personalization, and your customers will never forget you.  

7. Ever thought of outsourcing?

If you are new to the whole online food delivery system, managing the orders and making sure that the delivery is done perfectly can be a bit hectic. There are many ways to get out of this messy situation, one of which is to outsource the food delivery service. There are a lot of companies out there that offer outsourcing services to restaurants. Make sure you carefully understand the terms of the agreement and go through with the partnership only if both of you have the same work ethic and way of doing business. 


To thrive and succeed in the restaurant business, you must have the right tools to help you get through the tough times. One such aspect is a good delivery service. You can learn more about increasing your food delivery sales here. Take note of the points given above and implement them to see surprising results in your restaurant business.