9 Restaurant Technology Trends that Every Restaurateur Should Know

Change is the only constant. This statement cannot be more true when it comes to the restaurant industry. Even though it was one such sector that was always reluctant to incorporate the latest tech into its operations, the hit of the pandemic had helped them see the bigger picture. 

Now that almost every restaurant has a digital presence, the next question is which technology to focus on in order to gain a competitive advantage. Not every latest restaurant technology can be helpful for your business. So, which one to choose and which one not to? Below is a list of some of the best restaurant technology trends of the year, which will help you manage your restaurant seamlessly.

1. No contact payment

Everything is smart nowadays: phones, watches, and even cards have gotten smarter. It’s only logical that restaurants get smart too. As contactless payments have made their presence known in almost every known industry, restaurants must see to it that they have enough provisions to offer contactless payment options for customers. Contactless restaurant technology is gaining more acceptance every passing day. It is excellent for cash flow and nothing can be quicker and hygienic than payments without contact. This smart restaurant technology is here to stay!

2. Kitchen boards go digital

We all know how messy it can be to take the orders and send them back to the kitchen, maintain the pace, and not miss anything in between. With the invention of digital kitchen boards, the front, and back-end operations of the restaurant are integrated. Online as well as dine-in orders are visible on the digital kitchen boards, which can then be used by the staff at the back end to prepare the food accordingly. There is no more confusion and wasted time with this innovative restaurant technology.

3. Online reservation system

Just like booking the preferred seats for a movie, customers can now choose their tables at a restaurant and reserve them with the help of an online table reservation system. If restaurants make this service available to the customers, the chances of tables getting mixed up are eliminated and the restaurant staff can put their time to more efficient use. Customers can make their dining experience more personalized and stress-free with this restaurant technology.

4. Clean air is the key

This part is often overlooked by most restaurant owners, but customers do enjoy fresh air free of the heavy smell of different dishes flowing around them. Most people have accepted this as a fact and have moved on, but this need not be the case. Restaurants can upgrade their sanitation system with the implementation of air purification systems so that a safe and clean environment can be created for the customers. The same goes for surface sanitization as well. Restaurants have begun to use UV light sanitization systems to help keep the air and the surface clean. 

5. Self-ordering Kiosks

As every purchase experience is contactless nowadays, it can be said to be the future of restaurant technology as well. This is why the idea of self-ordering kiosks is becoming more and more popular among restaurant owners. It is especially famous among quick-service restaurants. Customers can enter their orders on the display screen of the kiosks and can customize the orders without being rushed by anyone. The process of order-taking can be eliminated this way, saving both the customers and the restaurant their time. Restaurants can also use the data entered by the customers to create a customer profile which can be used to understand their tastes and preferences better.

6. QR Codes

No contactless payment technology would be complete without QR codes in it. Scanning them saves a ton of time for the customers and it makes the process of payment that much easier. There is no hassle or fuss over how much money is to be paid as it gets automatically displayed once the customer scans the QR code with their mobile phone. The best part about this technology is that there is absolutely no need to download a specific app in order to avail of the service. 

7. Virtual Assistance

Siri and Alexa have become a part and parcel of our lives. Voice-activated ordering technology is the latest addition to the restaurant technology trends, which helps in making the ordering system even more convenient for the customers. Most applications installed by the restaurant provide this service with them o the restaurants can integrate with the mainstream voice assistants like that of Google Assitant or Alexa if they do not wish to invest in an app for the purpose. It would be a cool addition to your restaurant technology and can help make the dine-in experience even more seamless. 

8. Online food ordering systems

None of the above-listed restaurant technology would be effective without having a proper online food ordering system for restaurants in the place. It is the key element that holds the rest of the factors of the restaurant together. Make sure to invest in a good online restaurant order management system that offers basic services like online food order management and menu management. It would be best to choose an order management system that does not bombard you with a lot of unnecessary features. Foaps.co might be an excellent option for restaurants trying to keep things simple and decluttered. After all, we do want to make things more simple, not overcomplicate them!

9. Chatbots

No technology discussion would be complete without including the good old chatbots in it. Amidst all this tech, it can be quite difficult to maintain a personal or human touch with the customers. This is why we bring in chatbots. They give the customers a specialized experience that is tailor-made according to the likes and preferences of the customers. They keep the customers engaged and also make the process of online food ordering much more interesting. 


Technologies keep evolving and new restaurant technology trends emerge from time to time. The only way to stay relevant in the restaurant industry is to stay updated about the changes happening in the industry and make quick adjustments to incorporate those changes. Only then can the restaurant owners make the most of the technology. If you have already included these trends in your business, then goof do you! And if not, then this is your cue to make some much-needed changes to the way your restaurant operates.